What is the Central Message of the Bible

The Bible is a combination of sixty-six books and written by multiples authors over almost 1600 years. If different people wrote it, is there a central message that unifies all the Bible books? 

For generations, historians, scholars, religious and different religious dominations have debated on the central or main message of the Bible. 

When Professor Karl Barth visited the United States, he was asked about the most profound theological idea he has ever entertained. His and answer was simple, Jesus loves me! Because the Bible tells me so.

For Christians, the central message of the Bible is Jesus Christ, who they believe is God’s son and saviour. 

For some, the central message of the Bible is salvation in Jesus Christ. They believe that God created a majestic universe for the first man and woman, only to be tempted and succumbing to sin. But God did not give up on his people and continued to care for them. 

God sent Jesus Christ, his son, to bear the consequences of all our sins. Because of this, God’s Son suffered and died on the cross. On the third day, Jesus was resurrected, which demonstrated his win over sin. Jesus is then restored to heaven to be with the father. 

Others believe that the central theme of the Bible is God is the kings of kings, which reigns on everything that is happening in the world. The Old Testament of the Bible shows focuses on God as King in its many refrain found in Scripture. 

The Bible is the word of God, so what the authors of the Bible wrote were not just their own words, but God’s words, and He was guiding them. The Bible lets God talk to us in terms that people can understand, and these words are contained in the Bible. 

In other words, the Bible is not just the author’s collection of ideas but are the thoughts of God himself. It means the Bible is our guide and instructions that teach us about God and his plans for us. 

Other biblical scholars say There are two varying themes or messages of the Bible. The Old Testament talks about creation and the coming of Christ. We can see this theme from Genesis to Revelation. The New Testament talks about salvation and the Arrival of Jesus Christ. So the Bible’s central theme is salvation, and Christ is the prominent personality.  

So if the Bible is God’s words is has to read like reading a letter from someone you love. Readers should learn to read between the lines to understand its real message. God’s words can touch every area of human needs and concerns. The implications of the announcement of the Bible is huge and affects many people. The Bible’s message is that we can be returned to God and live as people of his kingdom. Through the death of Jesus, he reclaimed the Kingdom of God on our behalf. God calls on his people to believe in Jesus Christ, who died to restore humankind to God.

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